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To meet the burning need for renewable substitutes for fossil fuels, environmental technology provider Preseco have devised a new solid biofuel to replace coal. t looks like coal, feels like coal, and burns to give as much energy as high grade coal, but Preseco's biocarbon is made out of residual organic materials such as wood or straw, making it a greenhouse neutral fuel. Biocarbon is produced through a specially adapted pyrolysis process, in which organic materials are burnt at high temperatures in oxygen-free conditions to create solid fuels with high energy content. "It is crucial that the new biocarbon product can be used in place of fossil coal without any new investments in existing power plants," says Preseco's managing director Mikko Kantero. Solid biocarbon's high energy content also makes it a globally transportable and tradable commodity. "This is the first time in the history of bioenergy that end users can be geographically separate from the sources of raw material biomass," explains Kantero. i Text: fran Weaver Photo: Paula vainio-Paananen straw as feedstock. As the world's largest coal user, China is desperately seeking climate-friendly alternative fuels. "We are also involved in developing projects in Indonesia, Canada, Chile and Brazil," adds Kantero. "The beauty of the biocarbon concept is the potential to set up production plants wherever there is enough suitable biomass available, and then sell biocarbon globally wherever we get the best price." "Projects are going on in Brazil, Canada, China, Chile and Indonesia. " read ide-spech W cleant nolclean tech p Finnish land 0 to ntech Fin of about 4 r the Clea co is one ironnde Prese nging env s united u ompanie e wide-ra ogy c hlight th firms. t up to hig e Finnish brand, se innovativ pertise of e of solumental ex wide rang provide a members ch as Cleantech g fields su in growin tions nCy etso) y EffiCiE C drives, M » EnErG e Vacon A includ SSES (members n ProCE ) roduCtio logies, Eagle Filters P » ClEAn techno mining (Outotec MEnt MAnAGE » WAStE ) ranova (Tana, Do ErGy r) ABlE En ave powe » rEnEW -Energy w fuels, AW n (St1 Bio rotECtio ir cleaning) nd Air P a infinator WAtEr A » , Des chemicals 33 (Kemira Markets around the world Preseco's demonstration plant in the city of Tampere is already producing biocarbon from residual wood for demonstration and testing purposes. Preseco and China's Anneng Thermal Power Group are now planning to set up a biocarbon producing joint venture in Hubei Province, starting with a demo plant using rice

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