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foCuS finlAnd / A MILKY TOAST TO WELL-BEING a milky toast to Dairy giant Valio Ltd keeps us healthy by offering a versatile range of milk products. Text: Marja Berisa Illustration: Antti Kangassalo ut there's more to business than butter, spreads, yoghurt and cheese. In addition to its core business, Valio has expanded into services. An exciting area of innovation is the development of an all-in-one well-being concept designed for work communities. The Valio Olo concept offers companies a down-to-earth, flexible well-being routine. It is a tailored model of improving individuals' health which targets these key areas: nutrition, exercise, work-life balance, fitness and job satisfaction. The customer company also receives a `well-being manager', whose job it is to interact with both management and employees and help them first become aware of their current well-being and then create common-sense plans to improve it. Helsinki-based management consulting agency August Associates is implementing Valio Olo. "The program is unique in its comprehensiveness. It is more than just wellwell-being B " " 26 We take the theory of `good living' and turn it into practice. meaning plans and discussions. Everybody knows the importance of healthy nutrition, sound sleep and exercise, but the difficulty lies in really finding the time and motivation to change one's existing habits," says managing partner of August Associates Kai Koskinen. Management consulting is a business where 12-hour days are not uncommon, and travel combined with tightly scheduled meetings with customers makes it difficult to stick to healthy routines. "Sometimes you just don't have time for lunch. So we initiated the Valio Olo programme ­ and we now keep the office refrigerator full of healthy foods and snacks. We take the theory of `good living' and turn it into practice that fits our purposes. We have to make compromises; but on the whole, we are now becoming a healthier company." Z

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